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G&F Industries Earns SHARP Award for Exemplary Safety Program


Sturbridge, MA; June 29, 2015—G&F Industries, custom injection mold and engineering specialists headquartered in Sturbridge, will be honored for achieving membership in the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program, or SHARP, due to its exemplary injury and illness prevention program. SHARP is an On-site Consultation Program of the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) rocognizing model worksite safety and health programs at small businesses. G&F Industries joins just 13 other companies in Massachusetts with SHARP status and is the only injection mold company represented on the list.

To commemorate this exceptional achievement, the Consultation Project Supervisor of the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards, Kathryn Flannery, will present a flag and plaque to the company's 135 employees on June 25. A company-wide celebration and luncheon will be held on the grounds following the ceremony. The company has invited local and state officials, members of the fire department (Chief David Zinther, Lt. / Fire Inspector John Marinelli)  to attend the day's events.

G&F Industries President, John J. Argitis, said of the award, "This important accomplishment reflects three years of hard work by the G&F team. We're pleased not just to have earned this recognition but also to know that our employees benefit from an exceptionally safe and healthy workplace." Mr. Argitis noted it was OSHA which first recommended that the company pursue SHARP membership when a representative on site noticed G&F's cleanliness and safety regimen.

G&F Industries Safety Manager, Peter Chouinard, said the intense scrutiny and accountability associated with becoming and remaining a SHARP member is often a deterrent for companies like his to participate in the program. Earning SHARP status requires comprehensive consultation with OSHA that includes employee input, hazard correction, implementation and maintenance of a model injury and illness prevention program, and compliance with other key standards of safety. SHARP-awarded companies benefit from certain inspection exemptions and renewal options based on demonstrated commitment to maintaining program compliance.  Any costs associated with seeking certification are considered outweighed by the savings associated with the numerous benefits of outstanding workplace safety and wellness, including lower insurance premiums and attracting and retaining top quality employees.     

Mr. Chouinard said he was especially proud of the company's Safety Committee, which was formed when SHARP membership was first sought three years ago. "The Committee consists of employees representing all three shifts, and the frequent mandatory meetings require a genuine sacrifice and commitment on the part of those individuals to regularly meet at mutually agreed upon times," he said.

Mr. Chouinard observed that overcoming other obstacles was also key to 'becoming SHARP.'  He said, "Conducting risk assessments for G&F's numerous production robots alone took about one year to complete. We invested in software and training consultants to help us comply. There were times that milestone seemed unobtainable, yet the team diligently plugged away and met the goal."


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G&F Industries specializes in precision plastic injection molded parts contract manufacturing, injection molds, and assemblies. Founded in 1962, the company serves customers in the medical, automotive, safety, consumer and industrial markets from its Sturbridge, MA facility.  

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